At Flood Horse Feed Ltd. Newbridge we stock a wide range of Equine Forage Products from Hay to Haylage and Chaffs to Blends. Our product range includes Dengie, Mollichaff, Topspec, Baileys, Red Mills, Kehoe & Foulkstown. For further information on our selection of products phone us at (045) 431344. Below are just some of our range of products.

Foulkstown Haylage

flood horse feed - foulkstown forage feeds

Foulkstown haylage is produced from Italian rye grass meadows which are re-seeded every 3 to 4 years to ensure consistent quality. It is processed and vacuum-packed into 75 litre waterproof handy packs, palletised and shrink wrapped. Foulkstown constantly monitor and test the haylage to ensure that only the highest quality is maintained.

Kehoe Haylage

flood horse feed - kehoe forage

is a dust free forage, suitable for race horses, eventing, dressage, show jumping horses, as well as show and leisure horses & ponies. It is dust free, highly palatable mature grass , harvested at its nutritional best. Kehoe haylage is fully tested by the Irish Equine Centre for extra peace of mind.

Foulkstown Feeds

flood horse feed - foulkstown forage

Over the past few years we at Floods have been asked to supply small bales of hay. Foulkstown hay is put through an aggressive “Dust Extraction system”. This is constantly monitored and tested to assure good quality. The hay is then baled into small high density bales packed into 75 litre plastic weatherproof bags. Hay is a great source of natural roughage for horses.



Small Square Bales of Hay

At Flood Horse Feed Ltd, Newbridge we have a comprehensive range of chaffs to offer. We stock high quality chaffs, MOLLICHAFF, DENGIE AND TOPCHOP.