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Champion Oat Balancer 2.5kg

Champion Oat Balancer 2.5kg


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Champion Oat Balancer , used with hay , oats & roasted flaxseed will improve your animals general condition , stamina & demeanour substantially .

Champion Oat Balancer is full of goodness to enhance your horses general condition . Used with a combination of oats improves digestion & absorbtion of essential minerals & nutrients. Contains Biotin , Folic Acid , Magnesium , Manganese Chelate , Selenium , Thiamine, Vitamins A, B2,B12,C,D3,E,K3 to name but a few . Horses consistently fed on Champion Oat Balancer as part of their daily ration have IDEAL BLOOD COUNTS. This could mean a difference of five lengths in racing over 1.25 miles .

Champion Oat Balancer® is a patented FDA/USDA approved
Multivitamin, Amino Acid & Mineral Supplement for (equine
only) use in Oat based feeding programs. Developed by Dr.
Richard McCormick after years of training experience & a 12
month clinical trial, Champion Oat Balancer® contains 28
ingredients including essential vitamins, minerals & amino
acids to provide a superior balancer to your oat based diet.
Champion Oat Balancer® is manufactured only in Ireland to
ensure the highest standard of quality controls.


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