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Orlden Herbal Cream 400ml

Orlden Herbal Cream 400ml


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OrlDen Herbal Cream is a unique blend of natural plant oils and extracts designed to soothe and relieve  wounds, itches, inflammations and skin irritations across many classes of livestock including horses, cattle, sheep, dogs  and other pets.

It combines the anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti septic and insect repellent qualities of Tea Tree and Lavender oil, the therapeutic nutrients and soothing qualities in plant oils such as Aloe vera and Grape seed with the healing benefits inherent in Comfrey oil.

It is the only cream in the OrlDen range which contains a mineral oil, petroleum jelly, which forms a physical barrier on wounds protecting it from dirt and bacteria, preventing infection and thereby acting to promote the healing process. OrlDen Herbal Cream is a natural product with no withdrawal period for lactating or meat producing stock.


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