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Orlden Herbal Wash 500ml

Orlden Herbal Wash 500ml


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OrlDen Herbal Wash, which contains natural insect repellents, may  be applied neat to the skin but ideally should be diluted in warm water to soothe and cleanse cuts, wounds or to provide immediate relief for itchy skin.

It can be diluted in warm water and used as a simple and effective uterine wash for cows. It is very soothing and disinfectant for delicate inflamed tissue whilst iodine based washes can be quite harsh and severe by comparison.

 It provides brilliant relief for itchy paws  and as a general body wash for everything from horses to small pets. Care should be taken with cats which may be  allergic to Tea Tree oil.

OrlDen Herbal Wash provides brilliant immediate relief for itchy skin and has many other uses.  Diluted in warm water ideally


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