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Vitamin E 2000 1.5kg TRM

Vitamin E 2000 1.5kg TRM


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TRM Vitamin E 2000 is a supplement for horses that contains fat soluble Vitamine E. Vitamin E is a an important, natural antioxidant that has several health benefits for all living beings.

In horses much like in people, it has been scientifically proven to strenghten the immune system and provide a good circulation through the brain and heart areas. Moreover as an antioxidant, TRM Vitamine E 2000 combats free radicals.

These are small reactive atoms that have a negative impact on the body. Free radicals try to bond with any atom they can get nearby. When they bind, a small explosion occurs and the whole oxidizes with all the nasty consequences. Antioxidants however, chase down these free radicals and lead them out of the body bound to a pathogen expelled by the immune system.

Therefore,TRM Vitamine E 2000 is a vital supplement for any performance or leisure horse and can not be missed in a nutritious diet.


  • ✔ Essential mineral
  • ✔ Improve skin conditions
  • ✔ Combats free radicals


Feeding Instructions
Horses in Training: Feed 50g per day
Breeding Stock: Feed 50g per day
Weanlings & Yearlings: Feed 25g per day


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